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The game of high-low split poker has confounded some of the best poker players over the years. Ray Zee, one of the most successful Omaha and Seven-Card Stud split game players, takes the game apart and reconstructs it in a fashion that can be understood, even by beginning players if they take the time to digest it. His book far surpasses the work of other authors on the subject.

Key Features

Located in the 1st district of Brooklyn, the Monaco Office Complex has an approximate 

  • High Points
  • Instruction includes actual hands
  • Includes a glossary of poker terms
  • This is a tough book filled with complex theories
  • Geared towards medium to higher limit games
  • Large Windows with Open Views
  • Central A/C and Heat
  • Front Receptionist Desk

The Casino Game


Located in the 1st district of Brooklyn, the Monaco Office Complex has an approximate effective area of 19,000 sqm.

  • Newly Renovated Lobby
  • ADA Compliant
  • A bit dated by now
  • Move-in Ready

3D Gambling

$639,0000 (neg.)

Located in the 1st district of Brooklyn, the Monaco Office Complex has an approximate effective area of 19,000 sqm.

  • New Lights & Fixtures
  • Low Points
  • 3,000 Sq Feet Available
  • Move-in Ready


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