Gtech Corp. Looking For Reversal Of Lottery Decision in Ohio


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The Ohio Lottery made a decision that they felt would be in the state’s best interest moving forward. They are changing the handlers of their state gambling lottery from Gtech Corp. to Intralot Inc..

Gtech has been unsatisfied with the decision and feels that they have been slighted in the process. They have filed a formal complaint asking that the Ohio Lottery Commission reconsider their decision.

While Gtech feels they have been wronged, Intralot is claiming that they are just sour that they lost the bid. “They seem to be crying about spilled milk,” said Intralot President and Chief Executive, Tom Little.

Gtech is claiming that Intralot was not subject to the same reviews that their company had to endure. The company also feels that various performance problems with Intralot were overlooked by the committee.

“Issues being raised are not surprising. They’ve(Gtech) been with us for twenty three years. They have a vested interest in prolonging that engagement. But everybody was evaluated on a level playing field,” said Michael A. Dolan, the executive Director of the Ohio Lottery.

Gtech has vowed that if they are unsuccessful in having the decision reviewed by the board, then there might be a legal battle that follows. “We think we have a compelling case to be made,” said Robert Vincent, Senior Vice President for Corporate Affairs for Gtech.

The company does still have lottery contracts in other states, and can afford to lose Ohio. They still, however, feel the process was not a fair one.

Southwest Michigan Feeling Benefits Of New Four Winds Casino

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A new casino in an area usually leads to a sort of rejuvenation. Everybody is excited about something new to do in the area, and the electricity that a casino brings just permeates throughout the area.

That is the feeling that a town in Southwest Michigan is feeling as of late. Last summer, the Four Winds Casino Resort was opened in New Buffalo, Michigan. The returns have been tremendous for the town so far.

Tourism has gone through the roof in the town since the casino opened its doors. Local businesses are thriving thanks to the traffic of travelers that come to the casino. The area around the casino is also being built up quite nicely.

Restaurants have been built, and various shops and boutiques have also opened around the casino. A twenty four hour day care is in the works for employees of the casino. The casino has also created many jobs for the local residents.


“It gives people more options at the gateway of Michigan to enjoy themselves even more when they come to the New Buffalo area,” said Jerry Welsh. he has been a beneficiary of the new casino, he owns Garden Grove Bed and Breakfast close by in Union Pier.

The response to Four Winds in less than a year has owners already speaking of expansion. They will be looking into more parking, hotel space, and food option expansion in the near future.

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