Hoosier Track Casino Opens Its Doors To The Public


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Indiana residents now have more options when choosing where to go and gamble. Hoosier Park has opened the doors to their new casino to the public, marking a new era in casino gambling in the state.

In addition to Hoosier Park, Indiana Downs will also be opening their new casino next Friday. The combination of the two new casinos should provide residents in the state a nice choice in their gambling venues.

“Well, on balance it should be a real plus for Indiana because there is more investment, more employment and there are two of them. So we should expect that to increase economic activity in the state,” said Bill Rieber, Butler University Economist.

The new casinos will give a boost to another state that is dealing with economic hard times. Indiana is hoping the two casinos will generate much needed revenue for the state budget.

Other states are also moving towards expanding their casino gambling laws. It has become the in style way for politicians to try and solve budget deficits that are growing daily. Currently some form of gambling is legal in forty eight out of fifty states.

The two casinos opening in Indiana have both been doing plenty of advertising leading up to their openings. Indiana Downs is promoting on billboards, while Hoosier Park is using television commercials to do their advertising.

Location Could Influence Gambling Problems, According To Study

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New Zealand has been making strides towards becoming more aware of the casino gambling industry. One of the facets of that awareness is recognizing and treating problem gambling.

The Minitry’s public health unit has completed a study on problem gambling. One of the major things they found, was that problem gambling was heavily influenced by location.

The proximity of people in relation to casinos had a big effect on whether a person became a problem gambler or not. The closer a person lived to a casino, the more likely that they had gambled in the casino.

The study was done based on a survey back in 2002-03. The survey had over 12,000 respond, which gave the health unit more than enough people to make an informed opinion.

In order to help fix this problem, Councils could be more inclined to put distance between new casinos that are being built. The Christchurch City Council has already taken steps to help the problem gambling. They have placed a moratorium on new poker machines in the city.

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